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Hugo Clay

Evaluate the responses of societies to global warming at
international, national and local scale. (40 marks) 2000 words
Global warming is the observed increase in the average temperature in the Earth's
atmosphere and oceans in recent decades. The Earth's average near-surface atmospheric
temperature rose by 0.6 +-0.2 *c…

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Hugo Clay

new housing was properly insulated and had energy-saving boilers. On the subject of transport,
vehicle excise duty and company car tax were amended to ensure financial incentives for those
driving vehicles with the lowest carbon dioxide emissions. The Carbon Trust was granted £65 million
from the government over…

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Hugo Clay

Secondly, some countries are disproportionally responsible for releasing greenhouse gases.
In 1996, the USA released 21% of global carbon dioxide even though it had only 4% of the world's
population ­ which emphasises how important it was for USA to sign.

Some countries, in particular the least developed…

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Hugo Clay

I think that all international, national and local are all important as they will all bring positive
consequences to responding to global warming. However some have better affects than others. I
believe that the international is the most important since it's on such a huge scale the affects…


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