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  • Nottingham's Carbon Zero Initiative
    • How is Nottingham already sustainable?
      • variety of avenues used to reduce emissions city wide
        • Expansion of the TRAM network spanning 34km using 3 lines.
          • all powered by renewable energy
        • installing 4,500 solar panels on domestic buildings
        • one of the largest electric bus fleets in the UK as well as bio gas and retrofitted busses to give out fewer pollutants
      • Nottingham is shaping the UK for the future of a totally green transport system               -council member
      • promotion of green spaces
        • Wollaton park
          • 500 acres
          • emerald jewel in Nottinghams crown
          • wollaton hall is a natural history museum
            • brings economic gain to the area and to nottingham
            • tourism
          • roaming herds of deer
    • What progress has already been made?
      • electrification of the midland mainline
      • 4.4 million by governments OLEV low emission bus scheme.
      • Only GO ULTRA LOW shortlisted city to be awarded lighthouse city by the EU
      • workplace parking levy to encourage workers to switch to public transport therefore decreasing the number of cars on the road and also the pollution they cause
      • NCC reduced city wide CO2 emissions by above 41% since 2005, surpassing previous reduction targets
      • council run ROBIN HOOD ENERGY the country's first not-for-profit energy company
      • both of nottinghams UNI"S considered to be the most committed and highest performing universities in terms of sustainability
      • prospectus highlighting key investment areas which will help to support nottinghams ambition for becoming a low emission city
    • what does it mean for a city to go carbon zero?
      • A carbon zero city runs entirely on renewable energy.
      • so far only BHUTAN has been able to achieve this. This is also an entire country that is carbon neutral not just a city
        • it has been suggested that the reason for this is that the Government of Bhutan makes decisions on gross national happiness rather than using economic growth as their compass totally abandoning this idea and philosophy of many countries
    • What future projects are going to aid this aim?
      • trial heating buidings using water in the extensive network of abandoned mines in and around nottingham
      • NCC have laid out new plans for their future goals for becoming the UK's first net zero city
        • £1million grant form GOV to add charging points to taxi ranks and homes
        • licensing discount for EV taxis.
        • expand 'try before you buy EV scheme'
        • support and encourage low emissions taxis
        • recieve funding to convert NCC's heavy vehicles fleet to electric e.g BIN LORRIES
        • retrofit 171 buses with tech to reduce emissions
      • EV's with 10-30% charge unused could be sold back to the grid at peak times
      • ENERGY POWERING EV's coming from a renewable source
      • NEW gas double decker buses = quieter, smoother and cleaner
        • saves the city 23,204,856kg of carbon emissions by switching from diesel to gas


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