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Jane Eyre
Charlotte Brontë
AKA: Currer bell…read more

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Charlotte Brontë
· 1816- Born April 21st at Thornton, Bradford in Yorkshire, the third child of the six Brontë
children (mother died when she was 3)
· 1824- attended newly opened Clergy Daughter's School at Cowan Bridge with her sisters
Maria, Elizabeth and Emily.
· 1835- left school, however due to the harsh regime, cold and poor food, Maria and
Elizabeth died from consumption (mostly due to this).
· 1829- Began to write stories (i.e. The Search After Happiness, History of the Year...)
· 1831- Enrolled at Roe Head School. Met her life long friend Ellen Nussey.
· 1832- Completed her education and returned as a teacher in 1835 and resigned I 1838.
· 1838- Made unsuccessful attempt to establish school in Haworth.
· 1844- returned from Pensionnat Heger with her sister Emily (where she learnt French,
German and Music) and taught English in Brussels.
· 1846- Bok of poems published with 19 of Charlotte's poems inside, attempts to have novel
`Professor' published, but fails, but began to write `Jane Eyre'.
· 1847- Jane Eyre published October 16th, quickly becoming a best seller.
· 1849- `Shirley' published
· 1853- `Villette' published
· 1854- Marries Author Bell Nicholls June 19th
· 1855- Charlotte dies age 39 on March 31st
· 1857- Elizabeth Gaskell's book `The Life of Charlotte Brontë' is published
· 2003- `the green Dwarf' published
· 2004- Charlotte and Author's marriage re-enacted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…read more

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Date & Context
· A typical heroin as has high moral standards, but is presented as vulnerable due to
circumstances and her poor background.
· Nevertheless, she is still viewed as an important early feminist as she is self-reliant and
independent, even if she does need support.
· The original publication was in three volumes ( 1-15, 16-26, and 27-38); this was a common
publishing format during the 19th century
· the book is also split into 5 distinct stages (Jane's childhood at Gateshead, her education at
the Lowood School, her time as Adèle's governess at Thornfield, her time with the Rivers
family at Morton and at Marsh End (also called Moor House), and her reunion with and
marriage to Rochester at Ferndean).
· Semi-autobiographical book, partly based on Charlotte's own experiences such as the
institute, the deaths within the school (close friend and sisters), her brother's opium and
alcohol addiction, her work as a governess helped her also to develop the book.…read more

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Technique & Structure
· A form of a Bildungsroman as Jane Eyre is based on Jane's childhood and her maturing
character, focusing on emotions and experiences in her growth towards adulthood.
· Written in 1st person, creates a sympathy for Jane and a relationship between the reader
and herself as she talks/writes directly to the reader.
· Uses Byronic character (typical in Gothic novels ) an idealized but flawed heroin. Used a lot
by English Romantic poet Lord Byron.
· The use of directly talking to the reader "Reader, I married him." gives the reader the essence
of being part of the story, like Nelly directly telling Mr. Lockwood Wuthering heights and the
Grange in Wuthering Heights.
· Past Tense: "I have now been marred ten years."
· Through Jane an observation of human nature is made, both good and bad.…read more

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· Imagery:
· Figurative Language:
· "a waft of wind came sweeping down the laurel-walk, and trembled through the boughs of
the chestnut: it wandered away­ to an indefinite distance­ it died."
· Mysterious, spiritual: " almost unearthly thing!"
"..the great horse-chestnut at the bottom of the orchard had been
struck by lightning in the night, and half of it split away."
· Pathetic fallacy: "And what ailed the chestnut tree? It writhed and groaned; while wind
roared in the laurel walk, and came sweeping over us." (complication of their relationship?)
"..fresh and fragrant breeze. Nature must be gladsome when I was so
· "No fear of death will darken St. John's last hour: his mind will be unclouded; his heart will be
undaunted; his hope will be sure; his faith steadfast."…read more

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Other Quotes
· St. John's proposal "I claim you- not for my pleasure, but for my sovereign service."
· Mr Rochester's proposal "You strange almost unearthly thing!- I love you as my own flesh."
· "the eyes shone dark and wild; the hair streamed shadowy, like a beamless cloud torn by
storm or by electric travail."…read more

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A good power point that touches on a range of areas, themes and features. A good starting point for revision on this novel and some good points to add to your own annotations.

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