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London 2012
Olympics games
By Amar. G, James. R & Ashley. K…read more

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Where the game is held?
The London Olympics are being held in the
East end part of London to bring more money
and jobs into the area. The area that the
Olympics are being held in are the most poor
areas of the capital of the UK.…read more

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Map of the location…read more

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How will people get to the
people who are visiting the London 2012
Olympic games will be getting there by London's
new transport system with the new London
2012Javilin train on the left
Barclay bikes on the right new London bus and
underground…read more

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History of the Olympics Games
Ancient Olympic Modern Olympic
Games Games
The ancient Olympics Now days with the
were rather different Olympic games,
from the modern Games. countries bid to see who
There were fewer events, gets to host the games in
and only men who spoke their country this year
Greek could compete,
London, England in the
instead of athletes from
any country. Also, the Modern games there are
games were always held lots more sports ranging
at Olympia (which is a from Hand Ball to
mountain in Greece) Bmxing.
instead of moving around
to different sites every
time. Unlike today…read more


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