World Cities - The Thames Gateway

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World Cities
Urban Decline and Regeneration: Case Study: The Thames Gateway
The Thames Gateway
One of four growth areas identified in the UK government's sustainable communities Plan
Plans for redevelopment
Propertyled redevelopment
Investment in buildings or transport infrastructure ­ designed to stimulate an area and attract
further development, jobs and residents
Plan sets out a longterm programme to deliver sustainable communities in both urban and
rural areas ­ Aims to tackle housing supply issues in the South East
Thames Gateway Area
70km long
32km wide
Cover 200,000 hectares of land
Was originally the trading heart of the Southern Region?
Loss of heavy industry and changes in shipping led to its rapid decline as a production area
Represents a major opportunity to address the shortage of affordable homes in London and
the southeast, and regeneration of the eastern corridor of London and along the Thames
Major investment was needed in infrastructure and reinstatement of damaged former
industrial land
Thames Gateway Delivery Plan (200811)
Framework for making the best use of public investment, local ownership, big project
expertise and private sector entrepreneurship
£500 million of regeneration
£100 million for local transport
Total government investment of over £9million
Try to achieve a strong economy, improvements in the quality of life and development of the
Gateway as an ecoregion
The Gateway ­ economy and housing
Four main strategic transformers/key development projects At the heart of the creation of
jobs and wealth that the Gateway hopes to encourage
Olympics and Stratford City ­
o Sustainable show piece for the whole Gateway
o London Development Agency has set up an employment and skills action
plan designed to get 70,000 Londoners to work through the Games
o Stratford city is a £4billion retailled, mixedurban regeneration project
o create 5,000 jobs by 2016 and up to 20,000 by 2025 in new office, retail
and leisure
Canary Wharf

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Global finance centre
omain economic driver
oEmploys 90,000
o4 planned sites bringing over 100,000 new jobs by 2016
oCross rail will link Canary Wharf to Maidenhead to the West of London
and the Heathrow
o Link make it easier for residents of East London to access jobs at Canary
o New commercial and retail scheme designed by Richard Rogers Partnership
bringing 10,000 jobs to the area
o new community on Brownfield sites around Ebbsfleet international station
o Highspeed train link Ebbsfleet to Paris…read more

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Much of the land designated for development in the Thames Gateway lies on the flood plain
for the Thames and tributaries
The area must be made `floodproof'…read more


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