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World Cities

Urban Decline and Regeneration: Case Study: The Thames Gateway

The Thames Gateway
One of four growth areas identified in the UK government's sustainable communities Plan

Plans for redevelopment
Propertyled redevelopment
Investment in buildings or transport infrastructure ­ designed to stimulate an area and attract
further development, jobs…

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oGlobal finance centre
omain economic driver
oEmploys 90,000
o4 planned sites bringing over 100,000 new jobs by 2016
oCross rail will link Canary Wharf to Maidenhead to the West of London
and the Heathrow
o Link make it easier for residents of East London to access jobs at Canary

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Much of the land designated for development in the Thames Gateway lies on the flood plain
for the Thames and tributaries
The area must be made `floodproof'


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