Case study of London Olympics '12

Case study of London Olympics '12 which can be used for related topic in any exam board. Primarily made for the Rebranding Places topic of Geography Unit 2 Edexcel (Geographical Investigations).l

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Case study ­ Rebranding through sport
London Olympics 2012
Newham was London's most deprived areas ­ multiple deprivation
Incomes in Newham were among the lowest in England ­ mostly due to job
type ­ 6.7% unemployed, 40% employed full time, 39.7% semi or un-skilled.
34% of population have no qualifications ­ semi-skilled/un-skilled jobs.
High unemployment rate plus low development ­ low local spending power.
Closure of London's port ­ industries closed causing derelict abandoned land
and job losses
56.3% of housing is rented (social housing). Densely populated and
overcrowded, homelessness
Land contaminated from previous industrial pollution ­ chemicals, waste,
dumping grounds.
London Legacy Development Corporation
International Olympic Committee
Olympic Delivery Authority
London Development Agency
London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games
Newham, Tower Hamlets, Hackney and Waltham Forest Borough Council
Mayor of London and local government
Transport for London
UK government
Contaminated land and derelict buildings have been removed ­ re-landscaped
the area
Olympics was dedicated to environmental sustainability e.g. over 4000 trees
planted, 45 ha of wildlife habitat created
Many jobs were created in construction, operation and development of the Park
­ 7000 temporary jobs plus those created in supplying materials. Brought over
5000 construction jobs to east London ­ low skilled thus available to locals.
Many new homes built, with mixture of different tenures e.g. rent, shared,
New roads, bridges, pathways, cyclepaths ­ increase connection of place and
help bring communities together.
Successes so far
Environmental quality and aesthetic increased (thus perhaps increasing local
pride of place and help maintain it)
Focus of environmental sustainability - promotes sustainability and can act as a

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Attracted local and national public attention to Stratford ­ well connected place
­ potential for tourists/visitors, especially in conjunction with Westfields
shopping centre.
Publicity of London as a city in general increased due to Games ­ attracts
tourists ­ long-term benefits to businesses in London
Temporary jobs - boosts both local economy, spending power and perhaps also
interest in sport.
New homes attract new residents and also benefits locals (range of tenure) ­
diversifies population further.…read more


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