List of prominent figures during the reign of Edward VI

Brief summary of the most prominent figures during the reign of Edward VI, with brief biographies of each figure.

NB this is very brief (shouldn't be used as only source of revision)

Mainly created because many of the most prominent figures had numerous titles, so it is a reference point if one is confused about who a particular person is.

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List of prominent figures during the
reign of Edward VI
Henry Fitzalan, Earl of Arundel ­
Catholic and Conservative nobleman involved in the 1549 coup against
Northumberland but was eventually expelled from the council.
John Cheke ­
Edward's tutor, whose protestant views influenced the King.
Richard Cox ­
Edward's almoner and tutor, as well as John Cheke.
Thomas Cranmer ­
Archbishop of Canterbury and godfather of Edward. `Architect of the English
Reformation' ­ helped determine the pace of reform during Edward's reign to
please Catholics and Reformers.
John Dudley a.k.a. Viscount Lisle, Earl of Warwick and Duke of
Northumberland ­
Son of a traitor but gained prominence at Henry's court due to his skill as a
horseman and soldier. Organised the 1549 coup against Somerset and replaced
him as the President of the Council after suppressing Kett's rebellion.
Stephen Gardiner ­
Bishop of Westminster and member of Henry's council, wasn't included in
Henry's will and was subsequently isolated for the rest of Edward's reign.
Lady Jane Grey ­
Protestant daughter of the Duke of Suffolk who was married to Dudley's son
Guilford and was named as Edward's heir before his death.
William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke ­
Gentleman of Henry's Privy Chamber who became a prominent nobleman.
Supported Dudley in the 1549 coup, dooming Somerset. Supposedly one of the
most important members of the regency council.
Robert Kett

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Genry landowner who led rebels into Norwich.
Hugh Latimer ­
Protestant preacher whose sermons `set the tone for reform at court'.
William Paget ­
Secretary of Henry and close friend of Somerset. Deserted Somerset during
the 1549 coup in return for peerage.
Thomas Palmer ­
Supporter of Dudley whose evidence helped to frame Somerset for attempted
Catherine Parr ­
Henry VIII's last wife who married Thomas Seymour after Henry's death .
Died after giving birth to a daughter, Mary.…read more

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Edward's half sister, daughter of Anne Boleyn, who remained on good terms
with him, despite her association with Thomas Seymour, who shared some
tutors with him and shared his Protestant views.
Mary Tudor ­
Edward's elder half sister, daughter of Catherine of Aragon, who was
committed to Catholicism. She defied the Edwardian Reformation, and so
became a figurehead for Catholic resistance.…read more

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Based on the `Biographies' section of `Edward VI, The Lost King of England' by
Chris Skidmore…read more


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