Lenin's death

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Lenin's death
Series of strokes from late 1921 onwards unable to work on a day to day basis wrote
testament to be read after death died
Why was Lenin concerned about Stalin?
Stalin abused his power intimidating/bullying the communists that governed Georgia
Dark side danger for party
Too powerful didn't use power wisely
Fall out over issue of Soviet Republics
No trust with info given by Stalin
How and why did their relationship deteriorate?
Stalin's wife secretary for Lenin provided info about L's contacts S found out about
Trotsky's & L's warm correspondence
If L had lived longer S would have lost some of his key positions in the party
On the phone S insulted L's wife= L sad added note to his testament dangerous if
read out to public
What did Lenin say about the other Bolsh in his testament?
Trotsky most capable
Committee excessive self assurance
Zinoviev & Kamenev October incident was no accident= not to be trusted( they had
written a newspaper article on how it was the wrong time for revolution)
Bukharin fave, valuable & major theorist of the party
How did Stalin use Lenin's funeral to his advantage?
Persuaded T not to come
Carried L's coffin
Made speech= associated with L
Set himself up as L's disciple carry on L's work
The cult of Lenin
Given at moment of funeral
L embalmed & his tomb turned into a shrine
Brain sliced into 30,000 pieces discover the secrets of his genius by future scientists
Statues all over soviet union
Petrograd renamed Leningrad
What did Lenin say about Stalin in his testament?
Immeasurable power concentrated in his hands
Not sure that he always knows how to use that power with sufficient caution
Too rude
Replace him with someone else who differences from him in all aspects more loyal,
polite & considerate


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