Explain why Trotsky's Personality had undermined his position in the Party Leadership by 1929

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  • Trotsky's Personality Undermining His Leadership
    • Disrespect for Lenin
      • Wasn't at Lenin's funeral whilst Stalin was Chief Mourner
      • Published 'Lessons from October' soon after Lenin's death
      • Stalin took advantage by being 'chief mourner' & "Lenin's Legacy"
    • Link: Understimating Stalin
    • Arrogance & nievity
      • He made no attempt to build up support within the party
      • Didn't believe the uneducated Stalin would be a serious threat
      • Stalin built up a large base of support from 1the 1923 Lenin enrollment & was lucky Lenin's testimony wasn't used against him
    • Oppertunisitic Nature
      • Distrusted due to his Menshevik past & joining Bolshevisim months before the revolution
      • No clear legacy as he allied with his formed opponents Zinoviev & Kemeniev
      • Stalin had a clear legacy as Lenin's "successor", making him a clear choice for power


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