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Donaghue v Stevenson Established the neighbour principle in the law of
negligence- `You must take reasonable care to avoid
acts or omissions which you can reasonably foresee
would be likely to injure your neighbour.'
Caparo v Dickman Established the 3 part test to decide if a duty of care

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Bolam v Fiern Hospital Management Where the D has some expertise, e.g. a doctor, then the
standard of care is that which would be normally
expected from a doctor- `it is sufficient if he exercises
the ordinary skill of an ordinary competent man
exercising that particular art'.
Blyth v Birmingham…

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Dufosse V Melbry Events There was a breach of duty of care when a 73 year old
tripped over a plastic icicle and injured herself whilst
visiting Santa's grotto. The D did not take reasonable
Johnston V Nei International Combustion Negligence cannot be sustained where the damage
is trivial.…


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