Civil Courts-> law OCR

this is the key points on the jurisdiction, of civil courts.

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Civil Courts- Jurisdiction> law OCR ~>COUNTY COURT


  • contract and tort cases; land law cases OR recovery of land; disputes over partnerships, trusts & inheritance worth £50,000 and below 
  • HOWEVER some courts can hear the following; certain family cases e.g. divorce & related custody, property/maintenance disputes; bankruptcy cases; admirality cases up to  £5,000 OR £15,000 for salvage cases & matters that are under the Race Relations Act 1976.
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Civil Courts- Jurisdiction> law OCR ~>HIGH COURTS

HIGH COURTS ~>Queen's Bench Division

  • contract & tort cases over £50,000 & some from £15,000
    • Commercial court>>insurance, banking, and other commercial matters.
    • Admirality court>>shipping, claims for damage caused by collison at sea, disputes over salvage rights when a ship has sunk or been stranded.
    • Technology & Construction Court>>cases in the Chancery or the Queen's Bench Division which involve technically complex issues, such as building or litigation over computers
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