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Introduction to Law:
Activity: Write down everything that comes into your head when you consider "What is Law?" I could
be people, places, cases, types, anything at all...
What is Law?
Different types of Law:The Law can be divided into different categories:
International Law: concerned with disputes between nations i.e. France refusing to buy British
beef following the BSE crisis. This law usually comes from treaties which have been agreed
by the governments of various countries.
National Law: the law that applies within a country.…read more

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Contract Law: covers forming contracts and what to do when a contract is breached
i.e contract between customer and shop.
Tort Law: a tort occurs where one person owes a legal responsibility to another and
they breach that responsibility i.e. personal injury.
Family Law: covers many matters such as: whether a marriage is valid; procedures for
divorce; custody of children.…read more


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