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Language Change Over Time- Context
19th C. Britain

19th Century Britain
In the 19th century Britain became the world's first industrial society. It also became the first
urban society. By 1851 more than half the population lived in towns.
The population of Britain boomed during the 19th century. In 1801…

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Work in the 19th Century
During the 19th century the factory system gradually replaced the system of people working
in their own homes or in small workshops. In England the textile industry was the first to be
transformed. The changes caused a great deal of suffering to poor people.

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In the early 19th century only wealthy people had flushing lavatories. However in the late 19th
century they became common.
A history of toilets
In the early 19th century poor families often had to share toilets and on Sunday mornings
queues formed.
Given these horrid conditions it is not surprising…

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Well off lived in very comfortable houses in the 19th century. (Although their servants lived in
cramped quarters, often in the attic). For the first time furniture was massproduced. That
meant it was cheaper but unfortunately standards of design fell. To us middle class 19th
century homes would seem overcrowded…

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lamps. Gas fires first became common in the 1880s. Gas cookers first became common in
the 1890s.
Joseph Swan invented the electric light bulb in 1878. (Thomas Edison invented an improved
version in 1879). In the last 2 decades of the 19th century many British towns and cities
installed electric…

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Middle class boys went to grammar schools. Middle class girls went to private schools were
they were taught 'accomplishments' such as music and sewing.
19th Century Games
In 1871 the Bank Holiday Act gave workers a few paid holidays each year. Also in the 1870s
some clerks and skilled workers…

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The first cheap camera was invented in 1888 by George Eastman. Afterwards photography
became a popular hobby.
In the late 19th century town councils laid out public parks for recreation. The first children's
playground was built in a park in Manchester in 1859.
Lastly, for those who like shopping, the…

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the late 1860s women began to wear a kind of half crinoline. The front of the skirt was flat but
it bulged outwards at the back. This was called a bustle and it disappeared in the 1890s.
From the 1840s onwards it was fashionable for women to have very small…

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In 1827 a Prussian named Johann von Dreyse invented a way of combining the charge of
gunpowder and the detonator in a single cartridge.
In 1837 von Dreyse invented the first breechloading firearm, the needlegun. Over the
following decades the breech loading rifle was refined and improved.
Breech loading guns…


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