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Language Change Over Time- Context
Women's Rights

Women's Rights in the 20th Century
The rights and status of women greatly improved in the 20th century.
In 1897 local groups of women who demanded the vote joined to form the National Union of
Women's Suffrage Societies (NUWSS). The organisation was moderate…

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In 1921 Dr Marie Stopes opened the first birth control clinic in England. Contraceptive pills
went on sale in Britain in 1961. They gave women new freedom.
Among many firsts in the 20th century in 1930 Amy Johnson became the first women to fly
from Britain to Australia. In 1963…

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In the 19th century wealthy women were kept busy running the household and organising the
servants. Well to do women often also did charitable work.
In 1874 the first successful typewriter went on sale (It was invented in the USA by
Christopher Sholes) and the telephone was invented in 1876.…

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Women's Clothes in the 19th Century
In the early 19th century women wore light dresses. In the 1830s they had puffed sleeves. In
the 1850s they wore frames of whalebone or steel wire called crinolines under their skirts. In
the late 1860s women began to wear a kind of half…


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