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Accents & Dialects of the UK


Accents and Dialects of Scotland: The linguistic landscape of Scotland is considerably
more complex than it is in most of England and Wales, with a broad range of dialects and
older language forms contributing to a rich and varied national voice.

Scottish Gaelic:…

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Accents & Dialects of the UK
Blurred boundaries: In practice, the distinction between those who speak Scots and those
who speak Standard Scottish English is rather blurred. In some cases we might instantly be
able to categorise an individual according to which variety he or she speaks, but more

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Accents & Dialects of the UK
increasingly similar, there is actually still an incredible amount of regional diversity in the
language spoken around the country today.

Although our language continues to change, some parts of the country have been affected
more dramatically than others and some changes have only occurred…

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Accents & Dialects of the UK
English spoken in neighbouring areas, such as Bristol and the West Country; the English
spoken in Mid-Wales bears some comparison with that spoken in places like Shrewsbury
and other Midlands border areas, and the English spoken in North Wales has a strong
resemblance to…

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Accents & Dialects of the UK

in words like car and garden, such that they sound a little like `kyarr' or `gyarrden'.
Northern Irish English also has a very distinctive intonation pattern and a broad Northern
Irish accent is characterised by a very noticeable tendency to raise the pitch…

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Accents & Dialects of the UK

as Winchester, Eton, Harrow and Rugby and graduated from the Universities of Oxford and
Cambridge. Their speech patterns - based loosely on the local accent of the south-east
Midlands (roughly London, Oxford and Cambridge) -- soon came to be associated with `The
Establishment' and…


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