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Psychology: Laboratory
Ellie, Jessica and Yara…read more

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What is a laboratory
experiment ?
A laboratory experiment is conducted
in a controlled environment, this is so
that the researcher is able to
manipulate the independent variable
and measure the dependant variable.…read more

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Stanford Prison Experiment
Aim: The aim of this experiment was to see how
`normal' people would conform to the roles of
being a prison guard or a prisoner.
Conform: To
behave according to
social expectations
· Why was it a lab experiment ? and standards.…read more

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There was a newspaper article requesting for
volunteers to take part in a psychological study on the
effects of life in prison.
Volunteers were given personality tests to eradicate
those who had disabilities, psychological problem or a
history of drug abuse or crime.
The group of men were then divided into two groups,
one which was to be the `guards' and the other group
were to be the `prisoners'.
Prisoners were given a uniform with an id number to
make them feel as though they were real prisoners.…read more

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· Cause and Effect
· Increased control and accuracy of
measurement means more objectivity.
· Replicable.…read more

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· A major difficulty with the experimental
method is demand characteristics.
· Lacks Ecological Validity
· Total control not always possible.
· Experimenter expectancy effects.…read more


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