Kobe Casestudy

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Kobe Case study
Where is Kobe located? Kobe is located in Japan, more importantly it is the sixth largest city in the country
of Japan. This means that when and if there is a natural disaster there is a lot of infrastructure which will
topple and damage.
The important things to know about Japan is that it is a very volcanic place and that there are many
earthquakes that occur there, because it is situated between 2 plates: The country lies on destructive plate
boundaries, and this is basically a convergent subduction zone. (Where the pacific plate slowly movers
under the Eurasian and Philippine plates.)
The destruction caused by is evident from the photos... The reason why earthquakes in Japan are so bad is
because 85% of the land in Japan is Volcanic, and so only 15% if habitable and so this mean that the entire
population is located on just 15%of land. This means that there are a lot of people squashed into one area
and so if a building falls, there are going to a large number of people who are in it. This means that it was
very densely populated in 1995 with 2,602 people per square km. This is quite dense, this can be seen
when put into comparison with the population density of London in 2009, which is UK's capital is 4,758
people per square/ km.
Facts On the Earthquake
· It happened on the 17th January 1995 at 05:46 AM
· So it was winter and the majority of the people would have been asleep.
· It was 7.2 on the Richter scale
· It had a shallow focus (16km down)
· Epicentre was close to the city
· It was dark and cold
· Circuits short circuited due to earthquake
· Fire by gas mains and water lines were fractured, so there was nothing to put the fire out with.
· They had not had an earthquake for a long time and so the housing was not earthquake proof and
they were not prepared because it struck in early hours and people are unaware, as they are
· The houses have heavy roof because they have to be typhoon prrof, gowever, when these
collapsed they trapped people and people died from suffocation.

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Also you get the fires letting of smoke with suffocate people, especially those who are trapped
under the heavy roofs, leading to more deaths.…read more


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