Haiti Earthquake casestudy

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  • Haiti Earthquake Casestudy
    • figures on the country
      • high infant mortality rate
      • poorest country in the western hemisphere
      • The epicentre was only 16km away from the capitol Port au Prince
      • The population is 10 million
      • Main industry is Primary or secondary
      • low skilled, low paid, labour intensive
      • Poor infrustructue
      • The last earthquake was 200 years ago
      • poor health care
      • low life expectancy: men - 59 and women - 63
      • The earthquake was unexpected and there was no protetion in place
      • 1 1/2 years later people are still living in temporary homes
    • Causes
      • The fault has been gathering stress for the last 250 years
      • It was on the Enriquillo-Plaintain Garden fault
      • Seismometers recorded a preliminary magnitude of 7.0
      • The epicentres proximity to Port au Prince was 15km and the focus was 8km down
    • Effects
      • Thousands were reported as missing under the ruble
      • The hospital stated that by 1100 local time 1500 bodies werre already stacked both in and outside the mortuary
      • The red cross estimates that 3 million people have been effected by the earthquake. impacts include insufficient water, power and medical supplies
      • buildings such as schools, hospitals and homes collapsed trapping people beneath the rubble
      • the red cross estimated that 45000-50000 people died
      • civilians were digging through the rubble which caused bodies to build up and the risk of disease to rise
    • managment
      • President Obama promised an immediate $100m for haitis relief effort and said that the investment would grow over the oming year to aid long term recovery
      • A BBC reporter said 'i've come across two schools that have completely collapsed, you could see the bodies trapped inside - but there were no rescue teams on the ground.




this mindmap is fantastic!!!!

didnt have to create my own revision source, theres one right here about everything i need to know about Haiti

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