King Lear: Act 2 Scene 1 revision notes

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King Lear revision
Act 2 scene 1 revision notes
Edmund is told that the duke or Cornwall and Regan are going to visit Gloucester
and there are rumours of a conflict between Cornwall and Albany. Edmund
persuades Edgar to fight him and he gives himself a wound when Edgar leaves and
Gloucester arrives. Edmund tells Gloucester that Edgar attacked him as he refused
to kill Gloucester and Gloucester says that Cornwall will help get Edgar killed.
Deception: Edmund is fooling Gloucester into thinking Edgar is plotting
against him. He is giving Edgar a bad name.
Conflict: Edmund and Edgar are going against each other
Jealousy: Edmund is so driven by his jealousy of Edgar that he goes as far
as plotting against him.
Sight and blindness: Gloucester cannot see that Edmund is manipulating him
and Edgar as he is blind to Edmund's plans.
Edmund: presented to audience as evil as the audience know his real plans
and both Edgar and Gloucester don't. He is clever as he is manipulating them
so easily.
Edgar and Gloucester: naive as they are both being manipulated so easily.
Language features
Line 83: "loyal and natural boy" ironic language as Edmund is not showing
loyalty and illegitimacy indicates that he may not be natural. Shows
Gloucester is totally fooled by Edmund. Dramatic irony as audience knows
that what Gloucester said about Edmund isn't true.
Dramatic irony as audience knows what Edmund is doing, unlike Edgar and
Gloucester, making the audience dislike Edmund.
Lines 28-30: Edmund uses lots of imperative and exclamatives to create a
sense of panic and confusion to manipulate Edgar such as "Draw; Seem to
defend yourself" and "Fly, brother. Torches! Torches!"
Line 89: Gloucester shows how sad and heartbroken he is that Edgar has
betrayed him by using a dramatic tone and repetition such as "my old heart
is cracked, it's cracked".


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