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Acid ­ a sour substance which can attack metal, clothing or skin. It is the chemical which is the opposite of
an alkali. When dissolved in water, its solution has a pH number less than 7. Acids are proton donors

Activation energy ­ the minimum energy…

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Fermentation ­ the reaction in which the enzymes in yeast turn glucose into ethanol and carbon dioxide.

Fractional Distillation ­ a way to separate liquids from a mixture of liquids by boiling off the substances at
different temperatures, then condensing and collecting the liquids.

Fullerene ­ form of the element…

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Oxidation ­ the reaction when oxygen is added to a substance (or when electrons are lost from a

Permanent Hard Water ­ hard water whose calcium and/or magnesium ions are not removed when the
water is boiled, thus remaining hard.

Reduction ­ a reaction in which oxygen is removed…


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