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1. How far do the sources suggest that during her time as PM, Margaret Thatcher
achieved substantial success? 1,2&2
2. Do you agree with the view that the outcome of the election of 1945, was
`foregone conclusion before electioneering even started'? 4,5,6 & knowledge
SOURCE 4 argues that the outcome of the election of 1945 was `foregone conclusion
before electioneering even started' in some respects but does emphasise Churchill's
mistake in terms of his Gestapo speech and Labour better suiting the zeitgeist. This
source can be trusted to be genuine as it is from David Childs' book called `Britain
since 1945'. It postulates that Churchill's Gestapo speech had a major influence in the
outcome of the 1945 election. Particularly, since Churchill had work with Labour
members to remove Gestapo from Britain so by imposing the idea that the Labour
party would be imposing a Gestapo to carry out their policies was quite simply crude.
He also relied on his wartime success to bring the Tory party into power but the social
attitudes of the time had now changed. The younger generation were now against war
so they did not see his wartime leader image to be of any significance. Utimately,
Labour's policies were better suited the zeitgeist particularly concerning the social
system offered by the Labour party as the source suggests. Labour created policies
based on a social system by acting on the Beveridge report which appealed to many
people as after the war , state intervention seemed a good idea. In addition, the
source argues that actual Tory policies were very poor. This was due to poor election
as the Conservatives only spent £3000 and policies were drafted in a hurry which can
be used to argue that although the conclusion of the election was foregone before it
even started, this factor made the loss of the Tories inevitable.
SOURCE 5 states very clearly that the outcome of the election of 1945 was `foregone
conclusion before electioneering even started' in most respects due to the war changing
people's views. This source can be trusted to be genuine as it is from Chris Rowe's book
called `Britain 192998.It postulates, that after the war, people no longer wanted to have class
differences thus state intervention appealed to mood of time as everyone would be helped out
in this sense. This is even more apparent in terms of where Labour got their seats in
parliament from many traditional Tory seats fell to labour especially in the southeast,
midlands and a few rural areas.
SOURCE 6 postulates that the outcome of the election of 1945 was `foregone conclusion
before electioneering even started' in most respects, however it was thanks to Churchill's
mistakes that Labour was ultimately able to win. As it is from a memoir of Hugh Dalton it
gives an insight of why Labour won the 1945 election.Firstly , within the Labour party there
were some impressive war time figures such as Attlee which allowed the Labour party to
gain public trust in them thus making them more likely to be able to win the election. In
addition to this, social attitudes of the time had changed and Labour's policies suited these
perfectly as they were seen as better for post war especially in regards to acting on the
Beveridge report. But it was Churchill's mistakes that made the Tories unable to win the
election. It was clear that Churchill was outdated and this was highlighted in his Gestapo
speech in which he still spoke in war like terms which people no longer wanted as they just
wanted to get on with life now the war was ended and not remember the pain the Gestapo

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Moreover, Churchill had thought his wartime success would
have made the Conservatives win thus did not actually bother to create any decent policies
which led the inevitable loss of the Tories in the 1945 election.…read more

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Tory biast
More production = exports & investments
Economy never done so well
Warning for inflation?
Overheating in the economy?
2.…read more

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How far do Sources 1,2,3 suggest that, in the years 1945-59, the Conservatives and Labour parties
held radically different views on the nationalisation of British industry?
Labour biast
T- against nationalisation
L- nationalise coal
Labour biast
T- exaggerating about how will nationalise
Tory biast
T against nationalisation
Do you agree with the view that the main reason for Labour's victory over the Conservatives in the
election of 1964 was the difference between the 2 party…read more

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Do you agree with the view that the suez crisis of 1956-7 did no damage to the fortunes of the
conservative party? 4,5,6 and knowledge
· Genuine
· Maybe for Eden mostly
· Weren't to be trusted after suez
· Genuine
· No splits= strong
· Ill health
· Removed person who could have been blamed ­ Eden
· Inside view
· Knew true picture
· Slightly biast
Do you agree with the view that the Miners' strike of…read more


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