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The Conservatives 1951-64
Key words…read more

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There were four Prime
Ministers during this period
· 1951-1955:
· Winston Churchill (retired due to illness)
· 1955-1957:
· Anthony Eden: (resigned over the Suez Crisis)
· 1957-1963:
· Harold Macmillan (retired due to ill health)
· 1963-1964:
· Sir Alec Douglas-Home (lost election to Labour)…read more

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Key words
· Affluence:
· Prosperity / Wealth
· Stagnant:
· A lack of change
· Gross national product:
· National income…read more

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Key Words
· Balance of Payments:
· When a country pays more for imports (goods it buys)
than it makes in exports (goods it sells).
· Devaluation:
· When the value of a currency is reduced. It makes
exports cheaper but imports more expensive.
· Inflation:
· The increase in prices.
· Inflationary:
· Policies that lead to a rise in prices.…read more

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Key events
· Profumo Affair:
· This is involved a government minister having
an affair with a prostitute and lying to
Parliament about it. A Russian spy living in
Britain also saw the same prostitute.
· Suez Crisis:
· Prime Minister Eden launched an invasion on
Egypt's Suez Canal to protect vital shipping /
oil routes. The US threatened to withdraw
loans to Britain unless it withdrew all troops.
It highlighted that Britain no longer called
the shots in international affairs.…read more


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