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Key concepts

Human nature=

Antistatism Natural order Anticlericalism Economic freedom

Against state/authority Antreligious

What/Why Moral basis of anarchism believe humans have the not hostile just towards the hostile towards economic systems
(absolute freedom, political ability to create sate but to all forms of authority
equality, personal autonomy) nonauthoritarian forms…

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the contract theory
view authority as influencing suggests that a stateless religion propagates an ideology prefer individuals to manage their
others behaviour and as an society would amount to a of obedience and submission to own affairs without the need for sate
oppression and limits human life. civil war, making…

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and unlimited as law can that creates injustice,
restrict public behaviour, limit greed and aggression.
political activity, regulate economic
life, interfere with private morality so govt is not solution to
and thinking etc... the problem of orderbut
its cause
anarchist reject notion that
political authority arises from due to their…

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state= serves to oppress the poor emphasises
and weak interdependence and
as it views the state to act in oneness.
alliance with the wealthy and

state= destructive
individuals are required to fight, kill
and die in wars that are due to a
quest for territorial expansion and
national glory.…

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Bakunin: the abolition of the
Church and the State would
lead to true liberation of society.


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