Unit 3 Politics Checklist

Nice and simple: a compact list (adapted from the Edexcel website) to check whether or not you know the key concepts of the unit. Very useful for the exam.

I take no credit for this: it all goes to my friend David. Hope it's useful for everyone.

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Unit 3 Politics
Elections and Voting
Key concepts Content explanation
primary and caucus elections A knowledge of the electoral mechanisms used
in the US system and of their significance.
propositions An awareness of the factors that explain the
outcomes of recent presidential and
partisanship congressional elections, including voting
behaviour in recent elections and campaign
invisible primaries
national party conventions
presidential debates
congressional elections
midterm elections
Political Parties
Key concepts Content explanation
party decline/renewal A knowledge of the ideologies, theories and
traditions of the Democrats and Republicans, of
twoparty system conflicts and tendencies within each party, and
of their coalitions of supporters.
conservative A knowledge of the US party system, of the
distribution of power within parties, and of the
changing significance of parties as a means of
organising the electorate and as channels of
political access.
A knowledge of minor parties, their impact and
obstacles to participation.

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Pressure Groups
Key concepts Content explanation
public interest groups A knowledge of the different categories of
groups within the US system and of how they
private interest groups operate.
A knowledge of the policy significance of
lobbying organised groups and interests, of their
resources and tactics, and of debates about
their impact upon democracy.
A knowledge of how they operate to influence
specified branches of federal government as
well as exploiting the electoral process to
enhance their influence.…read more


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