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Kant and his maxims
L.O: To understand Kant's 3 formulations and
how they fit into the categorical imperative.
Starter: Write your own definition of the keyword MAXIM
1. 3. Kingdom of
2. Humans as
Universalisatio ends
IMPERATIVE…read more

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1. Universalisation
Fill in the missing gap
If I .........., do I with a categorical rule.
want everyone
to do the Using P.107 of the
same? book and the A3 sheet,
write in your own words
what Kant meant by
remember when you
Kite Runner ­ Listen to the
father's view on stealing read this back it must
and why it is more then make sense!
just taking someone's
property.…read more

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2. Humans as ends
Treat all humans (yourself and others) with
respect at all times.
Kant believed humans were the highest
point in God's creation ­ intelligent, free,
rational moral agents ­ this meant we all
have human rights.
Kant believed you could use people for
means but not only as means.
1. Think of one example that Kant would not
agree with and one that he would.
2. Does this idea remind you of any other
teachings? Think think think......…read more

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3. The kingdom of ends
Kingdom of ends = a society made up
of people.
Again read the notes on 107 and put
this idea into your own words. You also
need to think of an example of how this
could be achieved? (HINT: There are a
variety of examples in certain societies
in the world today.)…read more

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Moral Decisions????
Minority Report & Spiderman clips
After watching each clip you need to decide
What the character should do?
What is his duty?
Think of a maxim that could cover this situation?…read more

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