RE GCSE AQA: June 2011 Past Paper

Answered past paper questions using the markschemes.

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Past Paper Questions ­ ETHICS
June 2011:
1) Give two ways in which member of contemplative orders serve God.
They dedicate to their lives to spreading the word of the Gospels and some live
separate from society (e.g. The Carmalite Nuns) so that they can focus upon
prayer for those in need.
2) `Members of contemplative orders are escaping from real life.' What do
you think? Explain your opinion. (3 marks)
As members of contemplative orders are unable to marry, they do not have the
responsibilities or worries of family life which other people have to endure. It
could also be argued that contemplative orders are unaware of the world's
current issues and so are ignorant to the needs of the world. However apostolic
orders are very much involved in bettering the lives of others and so are very
concerned about the struggles of the world so therefore I do not agree with this
3) Explain what the Parable of the Talents teaches Christians about how
to live. (3 marks)
The talents of the three men represent the talents that we are given from
God. The parable teaches us that we should use our talents responsibly so
that we can improve them and use them to help others. It also teaches us
that we will be judged on the way that we use our talents and we should be
active with our gifts from God instead of hiding them and being lazy like the
man with one bag.
4) 'The RC Church should allow women to become priests.' What do
you think? Explain your opinion. (6 marks)
Some people will agree with this statement because in Galatians it says that
we are `all one in Christ Jesus' and that there is `no man nor woman.' This
means that the Church should not be discriminative against women within
the Church. It would also contribute to fixing the issue of the shortage of
priests. Also, it was the women who saw the angel on the morning of the
resurrection, which implies that God wished for women to spread the word
as the angel said `go and tell the disciples.' However, some people will
disagree with this statement because Jesus hand picked his disciples and
none of them were women, suggesting that Jesus intended for it to be men
only who lead the Church. Also, the Church teaches that women were made
to have children and if women were priests then they would not be able to
conceive and give birth. I disagree with this statement as Mary is an
example of discipleship and dedication to God's will and without her Jesus
would not have been brought into the world, thus emphasising the
importance of women in the Church.

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Explain briefly the meaning of the rings in a Christian marriage.
(2 marks)
The rings are symbolic of the unending love between the couple as well as
God's neverending love for the couple. They also represent the mutual love
within the marriage, shown by the words `Take this ring as a sign of my
6) Explain beliefs about marriage expressed in the vows made in a
Christian marriage service.…read more

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Explain why the RC Church is against the use of contraception (3
The Catholic Church teaches that the purpose of sex is to procreate and
contraception prevents that, therefore it goes against the Catholic belief. The
Church teaches that all human life is sacred and contraception prevents the
possibility of life and can also be used as an early form of abortion which
the Church is against.…read more

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Refer to
Christian arguments in your answer.
Some people will agree with this statement because it permanently removes
the most dangerous criminals from society, which would ensure society was
protected from them. It is cheaper than prison and it means that taxpayers
don't have to fund the care of them in prison. It also agrees with the saying
in the Old Testament `an eye for an eye.…read more

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Also, Mother Teresa said that `love begins by taking care
of the closest ones' which implies that family duty is the most important duty.
I agree with this statement because `it is the basic right of every human
being' that the `Earth's goods are divided fairly.' If we are better off then we
should do everything in our power to help those in need.
15) Explain the Just War theory.…read more

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God in heaven. The
person is also sprinkled with holy water as a reminder of their entrance into
God's family during baptism. The liturgy of the word and a Gospel passage
is read to give strength to both the family and the person. The priest will then
lay his hands on the sick person to summon the Holy Spirit, thus providing
the person with hope and courage.…read more

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Some sins can never be forgiven.' Do you agree? Give reasons for
your answer, showing that you have considered more than one point
of view. Refer to Roman Catholic teaching in your answer. (6 marks)
Some people will agree with this because crimes such as murder have
involved mortal sins which cause massive harm to the victims and their
families.…read more


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