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The Cold War in Asia…read more

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The Chinese communist party led by Mao
Zedong won a civil war and created the
People's Republic of China.
The USA saw this as a challenge to its
position in Asia and set policies to check
the spread of communism in this area by
whatever means possible.
The USA did not extend diplomatic
recognition to Communist China and
supported the Nationalist China in Taiwan.…read more

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The Korean War…read more

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Korea had been controlled by the
Japanese Empire for many years with the
collapse of Japan in 1945 the country was
split into two states.
The communist state North Korea was
established with Soviet support. South
Korea held elections and the anti-
communist Syngman Rhee emerged as
Stalin provided extensive military support
to North Korea and the USA supported
South Korea.…read more

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The Course of the War
The war began on 25th June 1950, when North
Korea invaded South Korea. South forces were
speedily defeated and the capital city was
President Truman saw this attack as a deliberate
move to communism to extend its power by
force, and moved rapidly to provide military
support to South Korea.
Ground forces were on their way to Korea,
supported by naval and air forces. The United
Nations Security Council supported South Korea.…read more

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The Course of the War
350,000 Chinese troops joined North Korea due
to a statement made by General Macarthur which
led the Chinese powers to think the USA might
invade China.
By November 1950, the UN forces in the North
had been driven back South with the communists
capturing Seoul for the second time.
From January to April 1951, UN offensives
gradually drove back communist forces and
stabilised forces where the war began.
In July 1953, an armistice was signed, bringing
the fighting to a conclusion. The 2 states
remained divided with a peace line established by
the UN.…read more

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