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Internet safety for
students at Harris
Academy Bermondsey…read more

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The Benefits
The benefits of using the
Internet is for school work,
educational games, and
programs. It's a convenient
way to shop because it way
faster and you can talk to
people from the other side
of the world by e-mailing.
You can also talk to people
who have the same
interests. It's more reliable
to school research for your
work. You can also have a
little bit of fun sometimes
and play games.…read more

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The risks
The risks on the Internet is that some
Internet websites may contain viruses.
Viruses cause the computer to freeze or
sometimes shuts down the computer
and you have to restart the computer
like a fresh new computer. A virus can
wipe out any data that you have on your
Also Sometimes you can get cyber-
bullied in Social sites and on chat room.
You can get cyber-bullied over what you
were wearing and all sorts of things.
People can also find your personal
information on you on social websites
which can be dangerous or someone
will decide to talk to you who you don't
know. After that they would maybe want
you to go and meet them which is not
safe because it has happened to many
If you have e-mail people will keep
sending advertisements that you may
not like which can get a bit more
annoying. Sometimes if you open an
email attachment you should always be
careful because some of them contain…read more

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The Jargon
I bet your wondering what is a jargon. A
jargon is websites for chat rooms and social
networking. Well if you don't know what a
social network is. It is basically a website
where you make a profile and upload
pictures for your friends to see and comment
on. You can also send each other email
messages to each other. You can also add
each other and search for friends from
another friends profile. You can add widget
to your profile to jazz up the profile and add a
background skin. But the advice for this is
please don't put in any real information in
your profile that is meant to be private and
don't give it to people you don't know and
don't accept people you don't know.
You all know what chat room is because
everyone has one now a days. Chat room
can be dangerous because some people you
don't know start talking to you and they say
that they are this age and they are not really
that age. Then afterwards they will say do
you want to become proper friends and they
say they want to meet up with you. So I think
you shouldn't talk to people you don't know.…read more

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The Advice
Well here is all the advice to not get
into risk in all the things I have
mentioned. If you are going to
make a social networking website
profile keep all your private details
safe and not put all the information
on the website. Keep your
address, real name and surname
confidential, your date of birth
should be secret too when on chat
if you are going to go on chat room
just remember that not everyone
there is telling the truth so keep
away from those people that you
don't know. Never give any
personal information online to
someone you don't know.…read more

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The help!
NCH Net Smart rules
BBC Chatguide
NSPCC (0808 800 5000)
ChildLine (0800 1111)
Here is all the websites if
you need help. And
remember don't be afraid
to pick up the phone…read more

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