ICT Issues

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Health and Safety at Home, Environmental Impacts &

  • Dangers: electric shocks, tripping over cables, falling monitors, strained muscles from too much use, RSI, addiction
  • Some people use computer games to increase personal fitness and even lead to weight loss

Environmental Impacts

  • Dispose of old computers so they ca be recycled, and turn computers off when not in use. 
  • 'Hot-desking' - staff share a desk and only use a computer if needed
  • Use natural lighting over electrical, and recycle waste paper and printer cartridges
  • Encourage people to use paperless or online services (banking)


  • No staff travel expenses, flexible hours, no premises, staff happier and more productive, no childcare costs
  • Cannot monitor staff working hours, staff may feel isolated, may be expensive to set up, lack of understanding if instructions are not given on a one-to-one basis
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The Digital Divide

Some people:

  • Cannot afford to buy computer hardware or pay for Internet access
  • Live in remote areas where broadband is not available
  • Have a phsical disability
  • Age
  • Have poor literacy skills

Economic Factors

  • Access to Internet means people are better informed, and lets them buy things online
  • Online banking - banks reducing costs by closing branches, globalisation
  • People with low incomes may feel isolated, so may get into debt to buy a computer
  • VLEs - do not work if students do not have a computer.

Social Factors

  • Unable to use IM, email, social networking, VoIP, mobile phone calls and texting.
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The Digital Divide

Educational Factors

  • Students can use the Internet for research, storage and communication. VLEs hosted online, and often help people with physical disabilities and poor literacy skills. Those without computers don't have this

Cultural Factors

  • Children tempted to stay in and use computers over getting exercise
  • Some countries restrict access to the internet, and therefore freedom of information
  • Allows users to watch and download TV programmes to fit in with work
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