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A useful revision resource for understanding networks, the internet & email is BBC Bitesize URL:

A computer which isn't connected to a network is known as a stand-alone computer. In organisations (businesses,
schools, hospitals, etc) most computers are connected together on a computer network. There are 2 main…

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A weak password is one that is easy to guess. The most common password is "password". A strong password is one
which is difficult to guess. A strong password has a combination of character, i.e., letters and numbers. Hackers have
programs that guess passwords. After they have tried all words…

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There can be data collisions as data has to travel in both directions along the cable
There is a maximum length for how long the central cable can be and therefore a limit on how many computers,
printers, etc can be connected to the network

Ring topology:

The server, workstations,…

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printer queues. On some networks the application software (e.g. word processor, database etc) is stored on the server
and only sent to a workstation when it is needed, on other networks every workstation has its own copy of the
application software and just the users' files are stored on the…

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software allows users to view and use the web pages on the Internet. Browsers include an Address bar,
Bookmarks/Favourites option, a Refresh button and a History button.

Internet Service Provider (ISP)
An Internet Service Provider (ISP) is a company which connects users to the Internet. Users usually have to pay…

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a) A doctor holds confidential data on a network. State three different ways of reducing the risk of unauthorised
access to this data by other users. [3]

8) A computer uses a dial-up modem to connect to the internet along the ordinary telephone lines of the public
telephone system. Explain…

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15) A Local Area Network (LAN) has a server and three workstations. One possible topology for this network is shown
below. Draw, name & label two other possible topologies. [6]

16) Katie in London sends an email to a friend in Paris. Describe what happens when the email is sent…


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