International Relations & Germany paper 1

All the dates needed for paper 1 exam of History. Test yourself, it really helps when u need to remember them and get the extra marks :D

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1919 Treaty of Versailles signed
Weimar government formed
1920 Kapp Putsch
1921 Aaland Islands ­ Both Finland
and Sweden wanted the
islands, the leaguer gave them
to Finland and Sweden
accepted this
Vilna ­ Poland attacked Vilna,
the league ordered them to
withdraw, but Poland said no
1923 Corfu ­ Italian generals were
murdered in Greece, Mussolini
ordered compensation, Greece
said no and Mussolini invaded.
The league ordered them to
pull out, but Mussolini ignored
them and made Greece pay.
Disarmament conference
Weimar failed to pay
Munich Putsch
1925 Greece and Bulgaria ­ Greece
invaded Bulgaria, the league
told them to leave, so Greece
1929 Wall street Crash
1932 Manchuria ­ Japan claimed that
the Chinese had sabotaged
their railway in Manchuria.

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They marched into Manchuria.
China appealed and the league
took a year to arrive and draw
up the lytton report saying
Japan should stop. Japan left
the league
Nazis had 230 seats
1933 Hitler become Fuhrer and
leaves the League
1935 Abyssinia ­ Italy attack
Abyssinia over a boarder
dispute. The league imposes
sanctions, however they fail.
Britain does not close the Suez
canal and Italy continue to over
run Abyssinia.…read more


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