How did Stresemann solve Weimar Republic's Problems?

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  • How did Stresemann solve Weimar Republic's Problems?
    • German industry
      • Organised loans from America (Dawes Plan)
        • Built new factories with money- more jobs
          • Golden age entirely built on loans
            • Wall street crash of Oct 1929...
          • DE Slowly became richer- 'Golden Age' arrives
      • Crippled by economic issues. High unemployment
    • Invasion of the Ruhr
      • Dawes Plan 1924- Repir. reduced and loan of 800m marks
        • Young Plan 1929- repir. payments fixed at 2000m marks a year
          • Badly affected by WSC 1929. Plans opposed by some nationalists
          • French troops left the Ruhr
      • DE couldn't keep up with repirs. French troops invated the Ruhr
    • International relations
      • DE= disliked after WW1
        • Not allowed in League of Nations
      • Locarno treaty 1925- agreed no violence between France, Belgium and Germany
        • 1926- DE into LoN
          • Kellog-Briand pact 1928- 64 nations agree to peacefully solve disputes
            • DE= returned to super power status
            • Stresemann didn't ask for land back that was lost after TOV
    • Hyperinflation
      • Paper money= worthless
  • He stopped the printing of money
    • He created a new currency- Renten Mark
      • No compensation for those who lost savings
      • End of hyperinflation
    • Hyperinflation
      • Paper money= worthless


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