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Friedrich Ebert (1871-1925): The co-chairman of the SPD and leader of the
provisional German government, 1918-19. He was then appointed the first
president of the Weimar Republic in 1920.

Karl Liebknecht (1871-1919) and Rosa Luxemburg (1870-1919): They were
left-wing revolutionaries who publicly opposed the war and were jailed in

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replace by Hitler on 30th Jan 1933. He was murdered during the Night of the
Long Knives 30 Jun/1 July 1934.

Franz von Papen (1879-1969): Became Chancellor in May-Nov 1932 and then
vice Chancellor under Hitler in 1933-34. He was acquitted by the Nuremburg
Trials in 1946 but sentenced to…

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Joachim von Ribbentrop (1893-1946): Joined the Nazi party in 1932 and
became Hitler's foreign affairs advisor in 1933. His main success was the
Nazi-Soviet non-aggression treaty of August 1939 which ensured that the
USSR remained neutral when Germany attacked Poland. He was executed at
Nuremburg in 1946.

Martin Bormann (1900-1945):…

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Erich Honecker (1912-1994): was leader of the communist youth movement
in East Germany. He was in charge of building the Berlin Wall in 1961. He
began to challenge Ulbricht's leadership of the SED and replaced him as First
Secretary in 1971.

Nikita Khrushchev (1894-1971): replaced Stalin as leader of the…


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