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When were marriage loans introduced?
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Nazi slogan for woman?
Kinder, Kuche, Kirche
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When was the Night of the Broken Glass
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How many people killed on Kristallnacht?
91 deaths and multiple suicides after
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When was the Final Solution introduced?
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The conference at which the final solution was confirmed?
Wansee Conference
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How many political murders between 1919 and 1922?
376-356 right wing
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The name of the SPD private army
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How many people sterilised by compulsary sterilisation?
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How many Jews killed by the Final Solution?
6 million
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The name of the man who signed the armistice and was assassinated in 1921
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Who led the Hitler youth from 1931 till 1940?
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What was the Boy's Hitler Youth motto?
Live Faithfully, Fight Bravely, and Die Laughing
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What was the Girl's Hitler youth motto?
Be Faithful, Be Pure, Be German
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At the beginning of 1939 what was the membership of the Hitler Youth (Boys and Girls)?
8.7 million out of a youth population of 8.87 million
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The year Hitler Youth became compulsary
March 1939
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When was the White Rose movement formed?
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Name 3 Nazi opposition Groups
Edeilweiss Pirates, Swing Movement and The White Rose Group
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When Hitler was appointed Chancellor, how many other Nazis in cabinet?
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Who was blamed for The Reichstag Fire in 1933
Van der Lubbe a Dutch Communist
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Name of people who were scared of Communism
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What was the name of Hitler's leadership principle?
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People's community?
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How many readers of Nazi Newspapers in 1933?
3 million
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How much did unemployment rise by between 1929 and 1932
Just under 4 million
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How many major banks collapsed in 1931
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What psychological fear did many Germans have due to the GD
Germany may never recover
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How many seats did the Nazis win in 1930
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Key Weimar expressionist
Otto Dix
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The effect of hyperinflation on the Middle Class?
Savings wiped out
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What did the Dawes Plan of 1924 do?
set out a more realistic time frame for reparation repayment
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When was the Armistice signed?
Nov 1918
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What was the name of the operation against the USSR and what year was it carried out?
Operation Barbarossa 1941
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What year did Germany turn against their ally the USSR, meaning fighting on two fronts
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When did Germany sign its final surrender?
May 1945
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What year did Germany invade Poland?
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Name of the conference held by allies to determine German reconstruction
Potsdam Conference
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What proportion of the Lander ratified the basic law
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Three premises of The Basic Law
Equal Rights, Free Speech, A state education for all
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The potentially repressive clause of the Basic Law
It could ban political parties if they seemed to undermine the democratic principles of the FRG
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The name of the new law main making body
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When was the Basic Law ratified
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The 1955 ............... hardened the attitude towards East Germany by refusing to recognise the legality of East Germany as a separate country
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When did West Germany join NATO (anti-communist alliance)
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1961 was the year that ....
The Berlin Wall was erected
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Who was Chancellor of West Germany between 1949 until 1963?
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Name of rejection of the Hallstein Doctrine and working with the GDR
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When was the Munich Putsch?
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3 Types of Opposition to Hitler
Disobedience, Anti-Nazi campaigns, Sabotage
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Name a way in which workers tried to sabotage the Nazis
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Between 1921 and 1944 how many known attempts to assassinate Hitler
around 15
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Who left the bomb in the July Bomb Plot of 1944
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How many people executed as a result of the July Bomb Plot
about 200
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What point of Hitler's manifesto soothed church members by demanding freedom for all religious denominations in the State provided they don't offed the moral feeling of the State
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What Church was set up in 1934 in reaction to the Nazification of the Church
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Name a situation where public outcry caused the Nazis to back down
against the imprisonment of two bishops who spoke against the Nazis. They were released
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What pact did the USSR make with Germany in 1939?
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What was the secret clause in the 1939 pact between Germany and the USSR
Germany and the USSR agreed to invade Poland and divide it between them
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When was the Pact of Steel signed?
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What was the Locarno Treaty 1925
Acceptance of borders in the Treaty of Versailles
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Examples of non-intervention by the League of Nations
1923- Rhur invasion 1935- Invasion of Abyssinia 1936-Spanish Civil War, remilitarisation of the Rhineland
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What was the USSR isolated by in Europe
Its communist ideology
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What conference was Stalin humiliated not to be asked to?
Munich Conference 1938- where HItler promised invasion would stop with the Sudetenland
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What made the USSR more likely to reach an agreement with Germany or face fighting on two fronts?
Fighting with Japan in 1938 on its eastern border
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The name and year of the USA's act that said it wouldn't go to war in europe
Permanent Neutrality Act 1937
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When did the USA join the War
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When did Japan leave the League of Nations, making uneasy alliances with Germany and Italy
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Britain and France had a policy of.....
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What was Hitler's Racial policy which persuaded him to go to War
Pan-Germanism (uniting of German people) meant a need for Lebensraum
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The Four main Features of Nazi foreign policy
Overturning Versailles, Strategic alliances, expansion and Germanisation
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What is appeasement?
The policy of attempting to keep the Peace by giving in to someone's demands
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When in the FRG was employment almost full
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What government department was responsible for censoring culture?
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When was the German Olympics held?
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Where were yearly Nazi Rallies held
Nuremburg Stadium
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How were schools denazifyed
Nazi textbooks removed and Nazi teachers not allowed
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What did many of the older generation want to see 1945 as
Year Zero
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At the Start of The Wiemar Republic who was leader of the USPD
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The first chancellor of Wiemar- Ebert- was leader of which party?
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What age did education have to be paid for in Weimar
Beyond 10
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When was conscription reintroduced?
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Name some social reforms introduced by Weimar?
8 hour working day, independent trade unions, help for ex-soilders to find work, widened health and unemployment policies
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What was the voting turnout of the first Wiemar elections 1919?
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What year and what was the name of the Anglo-German agreement allowing Germany a navy 35% of Britains
Naval Agreement 1935
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How many laws passed by the Reichstag between 1930 and 1932
109 laws proposed only 29 passed
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How many votes did Hitler gain in the July 1932 presidential elections
11 million
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How many votes did Hindenburg gain in the July 1932 presidential elections
18 million
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How much of the vote did Hitler gain in the November 1932 presidential elections
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When was Hitler officially appointed Chancellor?
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How many votes was the enabling act passed by?
444 votes to 84
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March 1933 elections how many votes did Hitler get?
17.5 million
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When were the ** formed
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Who led the ** and the Gestapo
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What year was the civil service purged of Jews
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How do you spell Goebbels
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Who led the Nazi civil service?
Wilhelm Frick
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What was the name of the Nazi's new regional governments?
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How many people killed at Dresden
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Nazi term for living space
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What was the article that could ban political parties in the FRG
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What year did the Berlin Wall fall, meaning physical unification?
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What did some call Adenauer's leadership
chancellor democracy- he liked to appoint weak ministers
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When were the KPD banned and prevented from having seats in the Bundestag?
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What three parties became part of the three party state?
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What article allowed ex-Nazis to be part of the civil service
131 in 1951
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Who did Adenauer arrest after critising German nato operations
Two journalists
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Who were the two chancellors who came after Adenauer hand thee years each from 1963
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Who were Gaullists? Kiesinger was one of them
People who agreed with Ostpolitik and would work with France
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Brandt Schmidt and Kohl were part of........
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Roughly how many people were killed under operation T-4
over 70000
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What was the name of the Radio that around 70% Germans owned?
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What year were loudspeakers set up in the streets?
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What parties formed the 1966 Grand Coalition?
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Did Kiesinger, the leader of the Grand Coalition support ostpolitik, in the hope he could win support?
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Who came after Kiesinger and was the first SPD chancellor of the FRG?
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What laws were opposed but passed by the liberal SPD/FDP coalition under Brandt and Schmidt between 1969 to 74
Decriminalisation of homosexuality and reduction of the voting age to 18
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What year did Schmidt take over from Brandt after a GDR spy was found working as his adviser?
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Who was Schmidt replaced by under a vote of no confidence in 1982?
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Name the location of the 1919 and 1921 attempts to begin communists governments which were stopped by the army respectively
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How much did a newspaper cost in November 1923
700 billion marks
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how many regional and federal government workers lost their jobs after the Rhur invasion?
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How many homes had a fridge by 1963
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How many German homes were bombed flat after the war?
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When did unemployment rise to a peak in the FRG and what was the number?
1955 one million
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Throughout the FRG voting turnout was always higher than which countries?
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In 1955 what was the voting turnout
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When were the BND, set up in 1956, allowed to open mail and search houses under the emergency law?
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When had terrorism in Germany mostly died down?
Late 1970s
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Who were the Baader Meinhof group
A far left extremist group
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In 1977 Baader Meinhof action reached its peak (the same year of plane hijjaaking) in the period known as....
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What did the emergency law mean for terrorism
It was forced underground
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How many Germans lived in the Polish corridor when it was given to Germany?
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When did Germany remilitarise the Rhineland?
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What pact did Poland have with France?
The mutual assistance act 1921, they exposed themselves when Germany remilitarised the Rhineland by offering help under this act
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When was the Polish German non agression act signed
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When did Germany invade Czechoslovakia
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When did France and Britain oferr Poland help if it stayed independant
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When was the Marshall Plan
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When was Anschluss which was forbidden under the TOV
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What did the DNVP support
The monarchy
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What was the drop in students in higher education in Nazi Germany
From 130000 to 40000
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How many Nobel Prize winners left Germany when Hitler took over
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How many teaching vacancies by 1938
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In Weimar schools were greatly divided along .......... lines
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What educational establishments were abolished under the Nazis
Private primary education and church schools
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what educational establishment introdoced in Weimar made education more accessible for poorer childen
four year basic schools
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In what year and how many communists clashed with the police who used water cannons to disperse marchers
1953 6000 Communists
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Name three different youth protests in the 1960s in the FRG
Protest against ex-Nazis in political power "what did you do in the war Daddy?" , against NATO and potential storing of atomic weapons, against war in Vietnamn
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When did war in Vietnam begin?
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What group was formed after left wing groups felt underrepresented in parliament, as the SPD was less radical after 1959, and the KPD was banned in 1956
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Who were the SDS
A more radical splinter group of the SPD
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Who led the SDS
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When was the last major demonstration of the SDS and what was it against
1968 against the emergency law (it was still passed) 80000 people protested
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Where did Baader-Meinhof go for training
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When were all of Baader Meinhof arrested?
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What 1918 pact was an agreement with the army that said they would support the government as long as the more left wing ideas were opposed?
Ebert-Groener Pact
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When was the BfV set up?
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When was G-9 the anti terrorist organisation set up
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In 1934 what court was set up for traitors of the 3rd Reich, where you could not appeal against the verdict
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How many Nazis were sentenced to death in the Nuremburg trials
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Roughly how many people were arrested by the end of 1946
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What year were Nazi schoolbooks films and slides banned
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What were teachers taught to weed out at universities and teacheing training institutes in the FRG?
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Name five reactions to denazification
Resigned acceptance, indignation, avoidance, cynicism, and desire to move on
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How did people show support for democracy in the FRG
Demonstrating against government laws, marches in support of democracy, protest against Ostpolitik
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What currency replaced the mark in 1923?
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When was Stresemann made chancellor
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When did Stresemann die?
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Who was chancellor at the start of the great depression?
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What did Bruning introduce in attempt to help during the GD
wage cuts, tax raises and rent cuts
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How much did industrial production fall by during the Great Depression
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What sort of work b woman usually was common during economical turmoil in Weimar
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In 1925 in berlin how many lodgers?
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By 1984 what percentage of farm produce was produced in Germany?
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What were the first four year plan's aims
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What was the main focus of the second four year plan that Goering was in charge of
Autarky and preparing for war,- German synthetic alternatives were created such as replacing rubber with Buna
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what social welfare association under the Nazis ran kindergatens and soup kitchens, but didn't care for the welfare of the individual
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What was Erhard's social market economy
a free market economy with elements of social support built in
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What was Erhard's social market economy
a free market economy with elements of social support built in
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What 1971 law made it illegal for a women to have an abortion
Paragraph 218
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What were the 1935 laws which pulled together all previous anti-semetic legislation?
Nuremburg Race Laws
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Farm produce from German farmer was at 80% percent in what year
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What was the only trade union in Nazi Germany?
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What was the only trade union in Nazi Germany?
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What schemes were set up for unemployed workers?
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When was the non-aggression act with Poland
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