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Write you thoughts down for each of the
`Thought Points on P.103 of your textbook.
Due: Next lesson.…read more

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Issue of infertility and whether a
child is a gift or right?
What can be done if you find out you are infertile?
Types of fertility In vitro (in tube)
treatment: fertilisation
Artificial insemination by
AIH husband
AID Artificial insemination by
donor.…read more

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First Impressions
What do you think when you see this picture?…read more

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In the news
· In 1978 Louise Brown was the world's first ever
test tube baby. Since then it is estimated that
there have been more than 30,000 babies born.
· What do you think of the story?
· Do you agree with the treatment of women over
the age of 50?
· Do all women have the right to a child?…read more

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Issues raised by IVF
· Is the suffering caused by infertility more important
than the loss of embryos involved in the IVF process?
· Are the embryo's human? Is it right to discard the left
over ones?
· IVF is for treating infertility so is it right that embryos
can be kept for 14days for experimentation?
· Designer babies? In India clinics already allow sex
selection and nearly all discarded embryos' are
· Does this quick fix to fertility treatment mean that we
are not really finding out the real problems to infertility?
· Are embryos are treated as properties not people?…read more

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Fertility Treatment
Pros Cons
· Allows couples to have · AID ­ sperm is from a
children who otherwise third part could been
can't. seen as adultery.
· Basic human instinct to · Some embryos are
have children can be disposed of ­ killing life?
carried out. · Should sperm be gain via
· Correcting a malfunction masturbation?
like any other medical · Only God should give life.
problem. · Expensive and
· Can be painful and sometimes dangerous.
traumatic not having
children and this can
solve that.…read more

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