Sanctity of Life

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  • Sanctity of Life
    • The belief that human life is invaluable in itself
    • Ensoulment: the moment the soul enters the body (Christians: conception)
    • Quality of life: what kind of life a person will have
    • Euthanasia
      • Active: the intentional premature ending of someone's life
        • Voluntary: at their request
      • Passive: treatment is withdrawn to hasten death (inc. turning off life support)
        • Involuntary: to prevent suffering without consent
      • If someone is in a PVS doctors may end their life to end suffering (brain dead)
    • Genetic engineering
      • The process of artificially manipulating genes
      • Ethical issues
        • SoL: using embryonic cells for research kills the embryo (14 days)
        • Designer babies issue
          • Remove genetically inherited diseases
        • Boundry becomes blurred between natural and artificial
        • Reductionistic view of humanity
        • Help prevent infertility
      • Theraputic cloning: producing stem cells to treat diseases
      • Reproductive cloning: makes a duplicate copy (Dolly the sheep)
    • GM crops
      • Good stewardship or interfering with God's creation?
      • Environmetal concerns: "super weeds"?
    • GM foods
      • Health concerns?
      • Ethically dubious?
        • Supermarkets tend to not stock them
          • Health concerns?


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