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Kiralie Rider
Income/ social class
Stress/ anxiety
Poor health
Poor nutrition
Less happy
Poor social development
Less luxuries
Examine how separation through employment might affect Cathy
and Tony's relationship.
Examine the influences of social class on health and well-being.
Discuss how living on a low income may impact on Julie and Ali's
growth and development.
Discuss how living on a lower income may affect the children's
Living on a low income can affect children's development because
they may feel isolated from their friends and people they are
surrounded by either at school or clubs. They could feel isolated
because if they are living on a low income their parents or parent
wouldn't be able to give them money for things such as going out
with friends, this could make the child feel isolated as they
wouldn't be able to join their friends when they are going out and
they may feel embarrassed because of the fact they don't have
money and they can't go out and socialise with their friends. Living
on a lower income may affect children's development because they
may get bullied because they aren't able to afford or have luxuries
things as other children their age. By getting bullied this could
affect children's development because they would be less happy

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Kiralie Rider
and it could affect their health as they may stop eating or become
stressed due to the bullying. If a child is getting bullied then it
would lead to poor social development as it would make them
have low self-esteem which would make it hard for them socially.…read more


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