Topic 3-Facilitation of access to services

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  • Topic 3-Facilitation of access to services.
    • Physical Barriers
      • These affect people with mobility problems or sensory impairments.
      • Examples:
        • Stairs with no lifts
        • Narrow doorways limiting access for wheelchairs.
    • Psychological Barriers
      • Individuals may be unwilling to visit their GP because they are frightened of the diagnosis they may receive, or the perceived stigma attached to the illness.
      • Examples:
        • Services users may lack confidence.
        • Service users may be anxious about visiting a service.
    • Financial Barriers
      • Individuals on a low income may be discouraged from accessing a service because of the cost and may be unaware of the benefits they are entitled to.
      • Examples:
        • Services are expensive.
        • Service user may be unable to pay.
    • Geographical or Location Barriers
      • People who use services in rural areas may have difficulty in accessing specialist services and there may be insufficent outreach provision or public transport limited.
      • Examples:
        • No transport about
        • Difficulty reaching services
    • Cultural or Language Barriers
      • Some people who use the services may experience social exclusion because the service provider has not understood or accounted for the cultural differences that exist.
      • Examples:
        • English may not be their first language.
        • No provision for non-English speakers
    • Social Exclusion
      • The way in which an individual or group can become isolated in society.
      • A combination of linked social economic problems/difficulties (unemployment, poor skills, low income, poor/inadequate housing, high crime environments, bad/inequalities in health and family breakdowns.


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