Income and social class

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Income/social class
Key terms
Stress/ anxiety
Poor social development
Less happy overall
Poor health
Poor social development
Poor nutrients
Less luxury
Questions on social class and income
Examine how separation through employment might affect Cathy's and Tony's relationship
Examine the influences of social class on health and well-being
Discuss how living on a lower income may affect the children's developments
Discuss how living on a low income may impact on Julie and Ali growth and development
Discuss how living on a low income may impact on Julie and Ali growth and development
Having a low income would affect Julie and Ali mainly negatively. Julie may be suffering from and
stress and anxiety as she would be worrying about bills, rent food etc. Even though she is on a
low income she still needs to be able to support and provide for Ali. She may even be suffering
from stress from the fear of losing her job. Stress can lead on to sleepless nights, depression,
change of eating habits etc.; this can affect her job. They may both have less luxury than
someone on a higher income, this would affect them both. Ali would have fewer toys than other
children at his school this can lead onto bullying at school and therefore may feel isolated. Julie
may have less luxury items too. As convenient unhealthy high in salt and sugar foods are cheaper
than healthier food Julie would be buying ready meals as she might not have time to cook foods
from scratch because of her work, which means that they may be in taking more than their daily
allows of calories.


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