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Important quotes from Frankenstein
" enterprise which you have regarded with such evil forebodings." ­ RW, P.7

"I shall certainly find no friend on the wide ocean," ­ RW, P.11
"We accordingly brought him back to the deck, and restored him to animation" ­ RW on VF,
"...playful as…

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LINK: "Infinity has a tendency to fill the mind with that sort of delightful horror" ­ Edmund
Burke, On the Sublime and Beautiful
"...the vast river of ice... their icy and glittering peaks" ­ VF, a continuation of the sublime, and
a reference to Rime, P.67

LINK: "The ice was…

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"Of what a strange nature is knowledge!" ­ M realises that maybe all that he has learnt is not for
the better, P.83
"The injustice of his sentence was very flagrant" ­ M again experiences injustice, grows
evermore corrupt, P.85
"I can hardly describe to you the effect of these…

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", the sight of what is beautiful in nature... could always interest my heart." ­ VF was (he is
recollecting his childhood, here) a Romantic. Now, he has gone against nature and created something
unnatural, P.114

"Had I a right... to inflict this curse upon everlasting generations?" ­ VF suddenly…




A good resource for use when revising for the closed book exam; identify why the quotes have been chosen and how they could be used when answering on the Gothic.



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