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Frankenstein Revision
» Horror : fear from physical shock ­ `Watery eyes almost the same colour as the dun white
sockets in which they were set'
» Terror : fear from uncertain or obscure ­ ` frightful dreams', `he might have spoken, but I
did not hear; ne hand…

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Period before Romanticism, seen as The Enlightenment, saw nature as
something to be dominated.
Literature in the 18th
Century was shaped by values and characteristics of
neoclassicism( the revival of a classical style or treatment in art, literature, architecture, or
music): emotional restraint, order, logic, technical precision, balance, an emphasis…

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The Creature
Shelley uses the creature and his narrative as a symbol of the cruelty and intolerance of
humanity in order to demonstrate the need for change within society. This key idea of a…

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seen by the fact that when her "confessor"threatened her with "excommunication and
hell fire" on her "last moments" she is propelled to confess to a crime she didn't
commit, in order to remain in spiritual contact with God. This shows how important religion
is to Justine as it consoles her…

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Victor's influence on him is paradoxical: one moment he exhorts Walton's
almost-mutinous men to stay the path courageously, regardless of danger; the next,
he serves as an abject example of the dangers of heedless scientific ambition.
In his ultimate decision to terminate his treacherous pursuit, Walton serves as a foil…

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Geneva is a harmonious landscape where man and nature are in balance ­ however,
terrible things also happen like Williams murder and the condemnation of Justine.
Ingolstadt ­ The city of learning is an all-male environment ­ it is here where he goes wrong
and is cut off from all…

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Justine shows courage in the face of suffering ­ her self-possession is contrasted with
Victor's hidden turmoil and cowardice.
Walton's sister is a sympathetic friend to her brother, despite the fact that he does
not appear to appreciate her. She is possibly caused pain by her brother.
Elizabeth ­ is…

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overwhelming remind the reader of the characters' insignificance compared with
the awesome power of nature.
The Monster is another victim of isolation. Unlike Walton and Victor, it does not bring
this upon itself. Indeed, it tries early on to make contact with humans and connect
with them, but is always…

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assumes it means harm. In fact, it is simply the natural action of a 'child' reaching out for its
People who come across the Monster are all deceived by its appearance into thinking it
will do them harm, when in reality it has been born with completely pure and…

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The Creature:
John Locke's radical 18th Century philosophy

Shelley uses the monster to illustrate her key ideas about human behaviour. The
monster is used to show the cruelty and prejudice of humans as the novel could also
be perceived as a liberal and radical, emotional manifesto aimed at improving







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