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"Macbeth is a play about the nature of evil rather than the nature of ambition."

The gothic genre explores evil, the nature of evil and its effects. `Macbeth' explores
Macbeth's psychological downfall and therefore shows the nature of evil rather than as of
The witches are a large…

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The humans do not act in a humane way, they are violent, cruel, aggressive and selfish.
Consideration of the gothic characterisation of the beasts within the short-stories.
The beasts may be seen as humane due to compassion, empathy and benevolence.
The beasts may be considered to be animals…

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The girl reduces the powerful wolf to `fearful,' perhaps showing her to be inhumane.

`Throughout the novel the boundaries between good and evil are continuously blurred, leaving the
reader with moral uncertainty.' How far do you agree with this view?
How far do you agree?

The moral `goodness' of…

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Sardonic comedy is a large feature of many of the stories, ranging from narrative
perspective to events and characterisation.
Response to the word `darkly' may refer to black comedy and the examiner will accept
personal responses to what is considered dark comedy `a sense of humour is very individual.'

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Exploration of the fact that Victor created the monster and therefore sealed the destruction
of the other characters.
The creature may be viewed as a completely separate entity, with thoughts, emotions and
free will. Other perspectives such as Marxist, moral and social may be considered.
`Beautiful! Great God!'…




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