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Phoebe Lambdon 13AKE
How do you respond to the view that the Monster is Frankenstein's double representing
the evil side of his character?
The idea of a Doppelganger, a double of a living person typically considered to be representative of
their evil side, is a key theme in the Gothic. This idea can be seen throughout Frankenstein,
particularly when looking at the Monster as Frankenstein's doppelganger.…read more

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Phoebe Lambdon 13AKE
like yourself, whose joint wickedness might desolate the world". Although it could be argued, that
this rejection is necessary in order to prevent further spread of the Monster's innate evilness as
suggested by Frankenstein's own narrative. This rejection occurs straight after the Monster's own
embedded narrative which may have led the reader to emphasise with the Monster and begin to see
Frankenstein as being incredibly evil when compared with the Monster, despite the Monster
admitting to murdering William.…read more

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Phoebe Lambdon 13AKE
protect her. Freudian psychoanalysis would suggest that due to his repressed sexuality, an idea
which is furthered as by giving life to the Monster Frankenstein is able to avoid the use of females
and sexuality as the producer of life, Frankenstein is undergoing wilful neglect in order to avoid his
own sexuality.…read more


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