Important dates for History Medicine Through Time

This i made for the "History of Medicine" exam it is a list of what i thought was the most important dates i needed to know. I have uploaded 3 methods of learning these; Date-Event, Event-date (both in chronological order) and one that is Date-Event (not in chronological order). I recommend starting with both the Date-Event and Event-Date (in chronological order) then to move onto the scrambled ones.

You need to know how to do both, When you're told a date on a source you need to think of the context, and when you are answering a question and want to include a date for an event you need to also remember it. Plus another i have uploaded is a scrambled version so you dont just remember the order.

Hope this helps


Gracefield Jones


Not what I was looking for personally but Good



Although this is for OCR, it is very similar to the AQA specification and exactly what I was looking for.

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