Imacts of Migration at the source and destination

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Source Destination
Positive Positive
Money sent back to home land Better links between countries
helps economy. New food choices
Don't have to find jobs for Cheap labour- helps economy
men. They do jobs that the
Don't have to waste resources destination country don't want
on the men. to do
No Medical care for men. More taxes being paid
Less crowded All of the family may move
If people return they have new eventually
skills Introduction to new cultures
Learn from experience and can Skilled workforce
improve source country for new Inter-racial marriages ­
ideas. decreasing
unrest/racism/social exclusion.
If Gov. are paying less in wages
they can invest in education
Increases production
yields/use of land
Negative Negative
Children-no fathers Men are taking jobs that the people
Women left to do all the work of destination country could have
Agricultural activity is low had
Gender imbalance-lots of men
Gender imbalance, lots of
More housing needed
women left
More medical care needed
Less taxes being paid Can become overcrowded
Reduced production yields Reduces countries cultural identity
Can't sustain economic Wages are being sent home and
development because there are spent there, rather than at home
not enough workers (Remittances)
Skills going to other countries Unskilled workers come in so often
Reduced country can't get jobs but still use resources
of the USA
protection-few people in army
May decrease job opportunities for
Economically active leave-old
and young dependants remain Religious tensions
Difficult to find marriage Illegal immigrants ­gov. must
partner control boarders
Decrease in population so gov. Increased expenditures needed on
feel they are losing power country protection
Gov. tensions High unemployment figs ­looks bad
when compared to other MEDC's

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Young people move so will have Increase of crime rate if migrant
long term effect on future can't get work they must be forced
workforce to steal
Relationship between countries may
Industrial production will
get worse
Political division within the country
Ability to produce goods to in crisis and if enough migrants, the
trade with others will decrease migrants may be able to gain
Countries unstable political power/vote their own
Country may be forces to representative into congress
borrow money and then get in…read more


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