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Unit 4


ICT-UNIT 4, Smart working (NOTES)
Creating a safe workspace 25/04/13

Computer related health problems

Back pain- sitting incorrectly for long time
Eye strain- staring at screen for too long
RSI- repeating an action stiffness, pain, numbness
Stress- unable to cope e.g. too much work

Solutions to computer…

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Unit 4


Mobile broadband- Relies on 3G network to allow devices to connect to high speed internet connection over wide
geographical are, without need for wires.

Mobile broadband users can boost speeds by using browsers that use advanced compression technology to speed
up data transfer + reduce amount of…

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Unit 4


Collaborative- working together to achieve common goals

PROs of collaborative working

Work simultaneously on same projects
Less time to get work done
Share ideas and be more creative produce better products
Help each other on issues

Types of collaborative working

Video conferencing: allows you to send good…

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Unit 4


Some companies use wikis and forums to allow customers to give feedback on their products.

Teleworking- Working from home but staying in touch with others, using technology.

PROs of teleworking

Cost savings b/c office space isn't rented
Increase productivity b/c don't waste time travelling to and fro…

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Unit 4


E.g. stock control for a supermarket or register system for a school.
Specialist software is more expensive than general purpose software because it is custom made to the
users' requirements.

Buying and upgrading software

Locally installed software: You can buy/download software all in one go and pay…

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Unit 4


Can put other licensing companies out of business
No straight away answers or technical hep
May have viruses or bugs (spyware installed)

Storing and backing up data
Data- all the info in the computer is data.
Computers process the data to make it into the information we…

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Unit 4


Data is protected if there is damage to the primary data storage
Hosting companies are data experts= data better protected than by home protection system
Less employers to monitor storage
Backup can be done at "quiet" times so it doesn't affect the running of the business


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Unit 4


Obtain customer permission before giving data to other companies
Remove personal details from databases when no longer needed
Have security measures to prevent data being lost or stolen
Communicating with customers


Customers are able to directly contact companies if they have problems with their products…

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Unit 4


This is often used with regular customers who purchase bulk items even though they are at a long distance
(international) "face-to-face" atmosphere
Allows companies to present any new products they may have on offer.


Similar to IM except customers can speak to companies directly as opposed…

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Unit 4


Multiple businesses can be set up from the same base

Some companies solely rely on internet advertising because:

It can be targeted: search engines monitor what customers enter in the search bar; the most frequent words
help identify advertisements
Much cheaper than traditional methods e.g. billboards


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