ICT-UNIT 3, Entertain me- what to buy (NOTES) HIGHLIGHTED

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ICT-UNIT 3, Entertain me- what to buy? (NOTES)
Setting up a multi-media system 24/04/13
HDTV-High Definition TV
High Definition (HD)-Picture on the screen is clearer + sharper b/c it is made up of more lines of pixels.
High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) - This is required for connecting devices, to show HD videos
Considerations when choosing a laptop
Features- what the device includes e.g. webcam
Functions- what the device can do e.g. play films
Hard Disk Drive- used for storage
Performance- processor speed e.g. RAM
Connectivity- peripheral devices connected to computer's interface e.g. HDMI, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Future proofing- not outdated/ unusable quickly
Upgradability- less cheap than buying new devices/ software's. E.g. AVG security
Support- help required to set up devices, or, they may break down check with suppliers who offer best
Need to carefully dispose old equipments b/c contain hazardous materials. Take them to waste disposal site or
organisation which recycles + donates old devices.
Be safe/ efficient
Delete files + data containing person info/ passwords before you dispose old devices
Uninstall software packaging that he wants to re-install into new computer b/c otherwise it will be breaching
the license agreement most effective method= reformat hard disk drive.
Which games console?
Console vs. Laptop gaming
PROs of Consoles
Compact (all in one, no peripherals)
Multi-player games via internet
Easy to manoeuvre
Nabilah Chowdhury, 11Ra

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CONs of Consoles
One component breaks, whole unit needs to be replaced
Used for one purpose only
Can't play against user's of different consoles (not compatible)
PROs of Laptops
Lots of multi-player games available
Edit games + modify maps
Higher resolution
Different brands of computers still enable you to play against each other
CONs of Laptops
Technical knowledge to set up
Difficult to manoeuvre
Benefits of playing video games
Improves hand-eye coordination
Less trouble on streets
Multi-player games encourage social interaction
Fitness/ exercise…read more

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Bandwidth measures capacity of connection (bps). More bps transferred=greater connection capacity.
Latency measures speed of connection (millisecond); less time=greater speed of connection.
Why are bandwidth + latency important for gaming?
Bandwidth determines volume of data flowing through a connection. Latency determines the speed of that flow.
Gaming requires transmissions of large amounts of data (bandwidth) + high speed of flow (low latency).
Good gaming requires wide bandwidth + low latency.…read more

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Not all telephone exchanges are equipped for broadband, thus the signals can't be changed into data signals.
Firewall- system designed to prevent unauthorised access to computer when connected to internet.
Choosing an ISP 25/04/13
Things to consider:
Cost- ISP's have monthly charge, can vary, and set up cost + wireless router provided?
Speed (megabits [MB]) - Speed=slower than `ideal' b/c/ lots of people use same cable. Speeds are given for
downloading data; uploading speed is slower.…read more

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Whichever method, a router is needed to connect to the ADSL or cable modem. Router connects all computers to the
IP address- personal address of the computer. Servers know where to send requested info.
Computers need an internal IP address to communicate with each other, as well as the router, inside the house.
Router assigns each computer with an IP, thus it knows where to send the web pages they're looking at.
Powerline- uses existing mains power circuits, in the house, for data transmission.…read more

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Avoid free sites b/c all reputable legal sites will charge for the files you download
Check the download conditions in the small print. Sometimes you can watch a film, but NOT copy it onto DVD.
Digital Rights Management (DRM) prevents you from doing this.
Use reputable websites e.g. iTunes
Check reliability of sites e.g. forums, blogs
Streaming- content is sent in compressed form over the internet and is displayed in real time.…read more

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Lies to family about time spent on games
Rather play games than spend family time
No hobbies + interests anymore
Irritated + agitated when not playing games
Avoiding RSI
Regular breaks
Ergonomically designed equipment
Hand + finger exercises
Identity theft- criminals find personal info about person and use it to commit fraud
Predators- stalkers, paedo's; meet them online, thinking they're your friends.…read more


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