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ICT-UNIT 2, On the move (NOTES)
Planning a trip + Solving a last minute hitch 24/04/13

Be safe/efficient
Carry out research, check customer reviews/blogs and THEN make your booking.
When finding info about passports, check website address. If you don't, people can charge you for info that
you'd have…

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Transferring data:
Bluetooth-exchange of data over short distances from fixed + mobile devices
Flash Memory Card- Fast + easily transferable info storage. Solid state storage=no moving parts.

How can we connect?
People can connect to internet by: 1) Cable 2) Wi-Fi

Cyber Cafe's- Lots of personal computers connected to…

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GPS Tracking:
Firms have lots of vans fitted with GPS system + modem. Its location is constantly sent to firm's computer
system=problem b/c firms don't want to know its continuous exact location.

Privacy issues
You can violate a person's privacy by tracking them whilst they are unknowing. You can…


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