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ICT-UNIT 2, On the move (NOTES)
Planning a trip + Solving a last minute hitch 24/04/13
Be safe/efficient
Carry out research, check customer reviews/blogs and THEN make your booking.
When finding info about passports, check website address. If you don't, people can charge you for info that
you'd have gotten for free e.g. from Home Office
Newer passports contain:
Microchips-Electronic circuit, controls electronic devices.
Radio frequency identification (RFID) chips- Stores user's photo + personal info. Increases security.
Biometrics-Automatically recognises person b/c of physical characteristics and measures. Uniquely identifies
a person. e.g. fingerprint, eye.
Stages of passport control
1. Access code scanned.
2. Customs Officials can see image
3. Biometric software automatically recognises person.
Keeping in touch
Ways to keep in contact
Messages-phone calls, texts (SMS), MMS, emails, blogs, social networking sites (SNW)
Photos-MMS, attached to email, upload to blog/SNW
Netbook- Compact, portable laptop, designed for wireless communication + internet access.
Features: Light, robust (strong), portable, keyboard, Wi-Fi, browser software, USB connections
(connects devices/peripherals to computer), SD cards, long battery life, microphone + speakers.
PROs of Netbook
V. Small=unable to notice=unable to steal
Takes up less space
Fast boot-up (20 secs)
Wi-Fi enabled, remain logged in despite moving
Nabilah Chowdhury, 11Ra

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Transferring data:
Bluetooth-exchange of data over short distances from fixed + mobile devices
Flash Memory Card- Fast + easily transferable info storage. Solid state storage=no moving parts.
How can we connect?
People can connect to internet by: 1) Cable 2) Wi-Fi
Cyber Cafe's- Lots of personal computers connected to internet and available for use in return for money.
Hotspot- A venue that offers Wi-Fi access for free. Some hotels may charge.…read more

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GPS Tracking:
Firms have lots of vans fitted with GPS system + modem. Its location is constantly sent to firm's computer
system=problem b/c firms don't want to know its continuous exact location.
Privacy issues
You can violate a person's privacy by tracking them whilst they are unknowing. You can log onto a website to find
their exact locations.
What digital devices should we take?
Be safe/efficient
Scammers- Check profile pages to see where you are on holiday.…read more


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