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Unit 5


ICT-UNIT 5, Shopping experience (NOTES)
Is shopping online a good thing? 26/04/13

Pros' of online shopping

Availability- opens 24/7
Selection availability- wider, more varied choice of products available-not restricted to only what is inside the
Compare prices- price comparison websites allow you to find the best…

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Unit 5


UK based sellers online give you the same rights as high-street sellers.

Pros' of online returns
Statutory period of seven working days allows you to cancel an online transaction or refund for any reason

Cons of shop returns
Can only expect a refund if goods are faulty…

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Unit 5


Passwords need to be strong = uses a combination of letters, numbers, punctuation, cases + must be eight characters

Activating the account- confirmation email is sent to confirm the user's detail account activated

Auto-complete- Online accounts ask you to `remember' passwords.
Tempting b/c cannot keep track…

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Unit 5


Online banking- a service offered by banks that allows account holders to view their account information online and
carry out financial transactions

Pros of online banking
Can pay bills directly from your account without using cheques/ debit cards
Manage finances efficiently b/c can view money in account,…

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Unit 5


`Card not present' fraud: you don't need a PIN number to buy online goods criminals don't need you card or your
PIN; only the personal details + security code

Virus-Replicates and deletes your work

Trojan horse-A seemingly legitimate program but is actually spyware which performs harmful activity.…

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Unit 5


Privacy Policy will tell you what you are signing up for.

Be safe/efficient
Always read the small print to check what will happen to your info.
Don't agree to pass on contact details to other companies
Tick the `opt out' box so that you don't give permission…


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