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Information Systems
and Applications
GCSE Information and
Communication Technology…read more

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Data Backup
· A back-up is a copy of the original data
- In case the original is lost, deleted or destroyed
- Should be stored in a safe location
· A back-up strategy should be written down
· The strategy will include specifications which sets
out rules, procedures and responsibilities…read more

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Back-up Strategy
· Backup specification must include
- Back-up media (e.g. magnetic tapes)
- Frequency (continuous, every night, every week)
- Who is responsible for making the backup?
- What must be done in the event of original data loss?
- Where back ups are stored (fireproof safe on site, or with
the network manager off site)
· The specification and strategy will vary from
organisation to organisation
- Depends on the amount of data stored…read more

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Archiving Data
· An archive is a copy of original data but is held for
reference purposes
- Details and grades of old pupils
- Old customer details
· The media used for archiving will probably be the
same as backing-up
· Archives should be kept safe…read more

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Data Security
· Ensuring the safety of data
· Hazards include:
- Viruses
- Hackers
- User error
- Hardware failure
- Network failure…read more

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Data Integrity
· Data integrity is the reliability and accuracy of data
· Possible data entry errors
- Spelling mistakes
- Details that have been written down may not be correct or
· Transcription errors can happen when copying
details from a document into a computer system
- Spelling mistakes…read more

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Miss Morgan


A thorough introduction to the basics of data.  A quick reference guide.

Abbs Reynolds


So boring to read, needs to just look more interesting. Switch off too quick.



how do I .........



decent lad. best pass now

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